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Past Projects

​3D Articulated Structure from Motion


Given a video of human activities, the 3D skeleton structure of the person is reconstructed as a set of rigid bodies connected to each other through the joints.


Details: pdf

Real-time Hand Gesture Recognition


The main contribution is the efficient prediction of the locations of fingertips.


Hand posture is first recognized by applying SVM to the features extracted from fingertips detection. Then Bayes Filtering is applied to update the probability of different gestures in the same category of postures. 


Details: pdf, slides, video

Mobile Vision
Real-time Visual Feature Extraction on Android


Various visual features can be extracted on the image captured by the user, and the features can be efficiently sent to the server through the wireless network. Then the server can apply applications such as object recognition upon receival of the features, then send the semantic result back to the phone.

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